Solving the Number Crunch: How Have We Not Run Out of Phone Numbers?

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In an age where virtually every person carries a mobile device, the question arises: How have we not run out of phone numbers? As the demand for unique phone numbers continues to soar, the telecom industry faces an intricate challenge in managing and allocating these precious digits. 

In this blog, we’ll chase down the facts about whether or not the United States could actually run out of numbers and explore the complexities of number tracking that take place behind the scenes. Finally, we’ll explore how custom software solutions are key to maintaining the delicate balance of phone number resources across the globe. 

Is It True That We Could Run Out of Phone Numbers?

Ever wondered if we could run out of phone numbers? With the sheer amount of combinations of digits available, it seems like an impossibility, right? Here's the scoop: U.S. phone numbers are governed by the North American Numbering Plan (NANP), a system dialed up in the 1940s to simplify dialing calls. Fast forward to today, and we've got 10 digits in a phone number. But is it really as straightforward as it sounds?

Let's break it down. Each of those 10 digits can be a number from 0 to 9, and order matters. That gives us a whopping 10 billion possible number combinations. Hold the phone, for a minute.

First off, a number can't start with 0. Boom, there goes a cool billion possibilities. Then, there are special 3-digit numbers that are already spoken for, like 311 and 411. That's 1% of the combinations out the window.

Additionally, the number prefix can't start with 0 or end with 11 if we want to allow 7-digit dialing. The restriction on ending with “11” is part of the NANP guidelines to avoid confusion with special service codes and emergency numbers such as 311 and 911. Regular phone numbers that end in “11,” according to the NANP, might lead to accidental calls to emergency services, causing emergency response disruptions. Crunching the numbers (pun intended), that's a whopping 11% of all numbers in the "no-go" zone.

So, after subtracting the digits that are off-limits due to these quirky rules, we're left with a slightly less mind-boggling 7.92 billion usable numbers. Still a hefty number, right? Well, consider this: the U.S. is projected to have around 450 million people by 2050. That leaves us with approximately 18 lines per person for a country with almost 350 geographic area codes

Before you start worrying about memorizing all those numbers, let’s put your mind at ease. While we might not run out of phone numbers on a nationwide scale, the growth in certain high-density areas could throw a wrench in the works. For instance, California uses 36 area codes, the most of any state in the union. In short, we might just have to give the ol' numbering system a makeover in the next 30 years. Current projections without further measures show that  that we will run out of numbers in 2045. 

The Number Tracking Conundrum

Having the numbers on hand and the number combinations along with those numbers is just part of this equation. We realize carriers navigate a vast and dynamic tightrope of tracking every call, text or data transfer that begins with a unique phone number. With the proliferation of devices and the advent of IoT, the demand for new numbers and porting requests is relentless. 

However, the pool of available numbers raises some fundamental questions: How do we keep the communication lines open without running out of digits? Also, who owns the numbers and how do carriers keep all these numbers straight? 

The answers are part of a delicate balance of the following two pieces below: 

Understanding Local Number Portability

Local Number Portability (LNP) is the secret sauce that allows users to make the switch to a different carrier while holding onto their cherished phone numbers. It's like having your cake and eating it too, in the numbering world.

So, how does this magical process work? When you decide to switch carriers, the gears start turning behind the scenes. Your new carrier initiates a process where they request your number from your old carrier. It's a digital handshake, if you will, where the two carriers exchange information to make the handover as smooth as possible. 

The Role of Software Solutions

Software solutions are reshaping the landscape with precision and efficiency. Tailor-made applications play a pivotal role in addressing the unique challenges faced by the numbering sector. As the demand for personalized, scalable numbering systems grows, software steps in to streamline operations, providing organizations with the flexibility to adapt and innovate in real-time. From managing vast databases to automating complex processes, these solutions not only enhance the overall functionality of the numbering industry but also empower businesses to stay ahead of the curve in an era of rapid technological advancement.

Well crafted software solutions are crafted to align seamlessly with the unique needs of each organization. Whether it's optimizing numbering allocation or ensuring data security, the right applications should optimize number allocations, ensure data security, and be designed for adaptability and responsiveness. 

The Future of Numbering

As the number landscape continues to evolve, so does the need for innovative solutions to address numbering challenges efficiently. With the surge in connected devices, the demand for unique, identifiable numbers is at an all-time high. The challenge lies in finding innovative solutions to manage and allocate numbers efficiently. The traditional frameworks that served us well are now faced with the daunting task of accommodating the explosive growth in digital connections. The future of numbering demands a forward-thinking approach to ensure that everyone and everything has its distinct digital identity.

As we venture into the era of 5G and beyond, the sheer volume of connected devices and applications will necessitate a sophisticated numbering ecosystem. The future holds promises of seamless connectivity, where numbering systems not only adapt to the expanding digital universe but also pave the way for a more interconnected and efficient world. As we embark on this journey into the unknown, the future of numbering stands as a testament to human ingenuity, ensuring that our digital addresses evolve alongside our ever-changing technological landscape.

The 10x People nVentory Numbering System and OWL Solves Your Problems

Enter 10x People, a pioneer and leader in local number portability, providing cutting-edge software solutions and expertise in numbering and inventory management. 

We have played a pivotal role in developing and refining LNP processes, ensuring a seamless transition for users and contributing to the longevity of phone numbers. We even wrote the original LNP messaging interface specification. 

Our nVentory solution solves the challenges of efficient number management and assignment.  IT offers an LNP gateway and integration with xPort Local Service Management System and nPort SOA to simplify inventory updates. nVentory, when powered together with OWL, our Ordering Wizard and Logistics for Numbering Resource Acquisition and Management solution, simplifies and automates telephone number ordering. OWL shows carriers where they need to order more numbers and gives them a heads up when numbers available for assignment are running out. 

The power of OWL and nVentory together simplifies the ordering of phone numbers for carriers so they have the numbers that meet their needs, while also offering: 

  • Order and rate center dashboards
  • Notifications and alarms
  • Industry reporting
  • Order management of full lifecycle of TNs
  • Workflow automation
  • NAS/PAS and BIRRDS integration
  • Analytics
  • GUI, API and Batch File Processing

Contact 10x People today to learn how you will never run out of phone numbers with nVentory! 

Cracking the Code: How a Phone Number Inventory Numbering System Simplifies Your Business

Phone numbers are like pieces of a complex jigsaw puzzle. The challenge? Ensuring that these numbers are tracked, monitored, and organized efficiently to meet your business needs and regulatory compliance. Mismanaged phone numbers and missed regulatory requirements can lead to frustrated customers, regulatory issues and chaos in your communications not to mention loss of revenue or worse. Without a reliable inventory numbering system in place, it can be as confusing as solving a Rubik's Cube in the dark.

Let's dive into the intricate world of phone number management and see how phone number inventory numbering system solutions eliminate your phone number assignment, tracking and reporting headaches. 

The Phone Number Puzzle

Phone numbers are a critical piece of the communications puzzle. Those numbers are often managed in a spreadsheet or in outdated inventory systems that end up causing more confusion than clarification. Add in the phone numbers you must keep track of that are ported in or disconnected, and the reporting can get out of hand quickly. It's like having a shelf full of books and you need to find the right one quickly, without the chaos of a disorganized library. This is where the proper phone number inventory numbering system steps in as your librarian, offering a systematic approach to manage, monitor and report on your telephone number inventory.

Tracking and Streamlining the Numbering Trail

Think of a phone number inventory numbering system as your GPS for managing your telephone numbers. It provides a clear roadmap for tracking the usage and status of each number. Additionally, your company can assign numbers available in real-time to best align with different buckets of businesses, such as product/service types, market, OCN or rate center.

A successful number inventory management system provides interfacing with internal billing systems or back office systems solving headaches of compliance, reporting, security and auditing that can be manual, laborious processes when managed incorrectly. 

10x People’s nVentory solution allows you to track, monitor and report on your telephone number inventory. Even better? nVentory simultaneously takes care of your business needs and industry reporting requirements. It’s peace of mind reporting combined with maximizing your resources while preventing revenue loss. 

Accurate Reporting with a Custom Dashboard

When it comes to phone numbers, reporting is your trusty compass. An inventory numbering system generates detailed reports, giving you insights into your phone number inventory. You can number utilization and states to make data driven decisions.  

10x People nVentory Resource Dashboards works to provide you accurate and timely resource utilization while providing you with the latest forecasting. nVentory’s additional peace of mind streamlined features include: 

  • Inventory management for maintaining and grouping your numbers. 
  • The ability to view and manage your inventory. 
  • Assigning in real-time available inventory. 
  • An LNP gateway and integration with xPort Local Service Management System and nPort SOA to simplify inventory updates.
  • Number Administration functionality for number utilization across businesses. 
  • Simplified industry reporting.
  • Auditing that prevents unbilled usage and over-billing for numbers.
  • A future-ready system designed to support the full lifecycle of number management while providing API access.

Seamless Automation with an Ordering Wizard: OWL

When 10x People’s nVentory solution is used in conjunction with OWL, our Ordering Wizard and Logistics for Numbering Resource Acquisition and Management solution, you can seamlessly automate your TN ordering. OWL takes your phone number inventory numbering system to the next level by showing you where you need to order more numbers and providing automation to efficiently complete that process.  

In short, the power of OWL and nVentory together simplifies the ordering of phone numbers so you have the numbers your business needs at all times. 

A Frustration-Free Customer Experience

Managing phone numbers without a reliable system can be a maze of confusion. But with a phone number inventory numbering system like nVentory, you can navigate the phone number puzzle effortlessly. It simplifies tracking, allocation and reporting.

The synergistic qualities of nVentory and OWL together work to provide you with: 

  • Order management of full lifecycle of TNs
  • Workflow automation
  • Industry reporting
  • NAS/PAS and BIRRDS integration
  • Analytics
  • Order and rate center dashboards
  • Notifications and alarms
  • GUI, API and Batch File Processing

Try the 10x People nVentory Numbering System Today

Need to order large blocks of numbers for large enterprise customers? No problem. The 10x People nVentory system makes it easy. Say goodbye to the confusion and hello to a simplified, streamlined and more efficient way of managing your telephone number inventory with 10x People, the trusted experts in providing numbering software and solutions for our industry since 1996. Our nVentory solution also meets your carrier needs with customized solutions such as custom fields while meeting critical requirements to meet inventory needs no matter the tight turnaround needs. 

Contact 10x People today to learn more about how our numbering solutions support your business growth and simplify your operations. We provide integrated solutions that allow you to concentrate on other aspects of your business without getting a numbering headache!

10x People Celebrates a Decade of Memories and Numbering

Ten years in the world of business is quite the milestone, and one we couldn’t wait to celebrate this month with the customers, colleagues, friends and family who have shaped our journey. 10x People CRO John Nakamura likened our 10-year anniversary to the evolution of automobiles. Just as cars have evolved from pre-engine buggies to sleek, tech-filled 21st century vehicles, so too has 10x People changed and innovated as numbering technology has evolved — and with a mix of old and new employees in the passenger seat that have made the ride much more worthwhile.

How fitting, then, that we celebrated our own transformation this month with a 10-year anniversary party at The Vehicle Vault where we were surrounded by cars — 50 cars to be exact, with a combined worth of approximately $10 million to $20 million — that evolved through the decades. While the cars in the background made for incredible picture opportunities for those in attendance, Penelope the Porting Panda stole the show! She made a surprise appearance at the party and everyone couldn’t wait to get a picture with the world’s most famous porting panda. 

During the event, 10x People Founder and CEO Lisa Marie Maxson took a moment to thank everyone for coming and being a part of 10x People’s incredible journey, noting that the company wouldn’t be here today without everyone’s help and support along the way. Maxson and others were incredibly touched by the number of customers, partners, and past and present employees who attended to celebrate the 10x People milestone. 

A Night to Remember

10x People’s anniversary is a testament to the incredible ride we've had. Beyond the venue and the festivities, our 10-year celebration was about one thing: people. It was a night to meet and reconnect with the customers we've supported, the partners we've collaborated with, the colleagues we've worked alongside and the significant others who have shared this experience with us. These are the people who have helped shape our company and contributed to our success over the past decade.

As we celebrated this 10-year milestone, we reminisced about our past but we're looking forward to the future ahead as well. We're excited to see how our story continues to evolve, just like those classic cars transformed into modern marvels. Here's to the next ten years and beyond!

10x People Timeline: A Decade of Innovation

The 10x People journey has spanned a full decade, marked by significant milestones and remarkable growth. Our achievements remain a testament to a decade of hard work and dedication to our clients and our evolving industry. Our 10-year timeline not only commemorates our humble beginnings but also showcases the significant milestones that have solidified 10x People as the powerhouse in Local Number Portability (LNP) software and services that it is today.

Join us below as we turn back the hands on the clock to 2013 and revisit some of the unforgettable moments from the past 10 years for 10x People and the industry that has helped shape us to lead the way for our customers as they expand globally.

Unveiling Our Identity: The Story Behind Our Name

William Shakespeare once famously pondered, “What’s in a name?” The second half of his quote, “That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” may ring true for a flower or a person, but for brands, the story gets a little more complicated. 

Common best practice tells us that a brand name should be many things all at once: short, sweet and easy to pronounce, but also unique and identifiable while not impinging on an existing trademark.  

Upon hearing our name, 10x People, the most common question we get next is, “How’d you choose that name?” We’re glad you asked. The 10x People origin story and where we came from is a great way to reflect on our upcoming birthday celebration. The 10x People journey began with a bold leap of faith spurred by a vision to revolutionize the numbering industry. We feel our name holds true to what every brand name should be at its core: a reflection of our company personality.

Company Inception: The Leap of Faith

Every successful venture has its starting point; that pivotal moment when inspiration strikes and a company is born. For 10x People Founder and CEO Lisa Marie Maxson, it all began with an unwavering belief to fill a need and with the help of a customer who saw potential in the future company’s capabilities. 

For Maxson, that customer came before the company name was even created.

“We jumped right in with two feet and had a customer that believed in us,” Maxson says. “They trusted us to build solutions from the ground up and we delivered beyond expectations. That trust fueled our drive to create something extraordinary and it started the company.”

The 10x People Origin Story and the Power of Empowerment

Next came the evolution of the company name. Maxon stressed the importance for the company name to be meaningful and carry significance. 

“10x People all stems from the 10x Methodology, a software approach we had honed over years of experience in developing software for other companies,” Maxson says. “At its core, the 10x Methodology champions the idea of empowered individuals—people who are not just employees but champions of innovation.”

Thus was born a company value titled Empowered Plus, which is derived from the book, “The 10X Rule” by Grant Cardone. The value states that empowerment comes from constant education, which empowers the team and, in turn, empowers customers.

“10x People is made up of individuals who take risks, go the extra mile and dive head first into solving complex challenges for our customers,” Maxson says. “They are the driving force behind our success. In contrast, a 5x person does their job well but stays within their defined boundaries, while a 1x person simply stamps a piece of paper and moves a task along. At 10x People, we reject silos and encourage our team members to take on diverse tasks and roles. That’s the 10x People way.” 

The "Aha" Moment: A Glimpse of the Future

The 10x People "aha" moment came when the company reimagined how the industry approaches number portability and realized as a team that they could make the process more efficient and streamlined, Maxson recalls. 

“As we embarked on this journey, we discovered the hunger within the industry for vendors who listened and continually improved their offerings to meet specific numbering needs,” Maxson says. “That's when we knew we were onto something truly special here at 10x People.”

The Importance of a Meaningful Company Name

Maxon says the name 10x People perfectly encapsulates the company’s core values and identity.

“Our name signifies that our business is all about the people—empowered individuals who drive innovation and go above and beyond to support our customers' success,” Maxson says. “Our solutions are a testament to the dedication of our 10x People.”

The company’s origin story is an integral part of the company’s brand narrative.

“The concepts of 10x People embody our commitment to excellence and innovation,” Maxson says. “It's not just about what we do; it's about the kind of people we are and the culture we foster.

Looking back, Maxson is incredibly satisfied with the name 10x People. 

“It represents not just our company but also our values and our team,” Maxson says. “To aspiring entrepreneurs, we emphasize the importance of selecting a meaningful and impactful company name. The name has become an integral part of our brand identity.”

Celebrating 10 Years and the ‘Essence of 10x People’

In a few words, Maxson says 10x People can be described as “a team of empowered individuals who love to work hard for our customers and also know how to play hard and have fun.” 

As 10x People celebrates its 10-year anniversary this year, the 10x People empowerment story continues to grow and evolve. 

“The story of how we got our name reflects the very heart of 10x People: an empowered, innovative and dedicated team that strives for excellence in everything we do,” Maxson says. “Our name is not just a label; it's a testament to who we are and what we stand for.”

What It Takes to Reach 10 Years: A Look Back at the 10x People Success Story with CEO Lisa Marie Maxson

Seeing the same number over and over again is typically seen as a sign of good luck – an omen that happiness and success are on the way. So as we blow out 10 candles on our 10x People birthday cake this year, we must say we’re feeling extra lucky to reflect on the journey that allows us to celebrate a full decade of success.

But as any business owner knows, luck is just one infinitesimal piece of the birthday cake. For us, our secret ingredients include education, expertise and a second-to-none team that fostered our revolution from a group of consultants into a full blown numbering solutions business. 

Albert Einstein once said, “The only source of knowledge is experience,” and after 10 years pioneering solutions in the numbering portability and management space, we’re feeling particularly inspired to share some of what we’ve learned with you. In this Q&A, our CEO Lisa Marie Maxson reflects on the experiences, choices and successes that make up the 10x People story, including finding inspiration in “The 10X Rule” while achieving sustainable growth, fostering a company culture and adapting to changing business needs. 

What inspired you to start your company, and how has your initial vision evolved over the past decade?

I love working with a smart group of people to solve problems for customers. We saw a lot of unmet needs in the industry 10 years ago, particularly in the numbering space. We knew we could bring new and updated modern solutions to meet a need. 

Local number portability was where we got our start. When looking at numbering more broadly, numbers have become an identity for people. Numbers are important in our society and looking beyond the ability to keep your number and provide numbers to customers and the services that go with them is important. 

In the competitive business landscape, longevity can be a remarkable achievement. What strategies or decisions do you believe played a significant role in sustaining your company's growth and success over the last 10 years?

We didn’t seek to create products or solutions that duplicated what had been in the industry for years. The industry has evolved from landline porting and how we viewed numbers for a household as opposed to an individual. We reimagined the space. We took a fresh look at what our customers needed, not what they already had in place. We continue to work with our customers to identify needs and address them. 

Could you highlight some of the core values or guiding principles that have shaped your company's culture, and approach to business and contributed to your longevity?

One of our values is empowered plus, which was inspiration from the book, “The 10X Rule” by Grant Cardone. The crux of this value states that empowerment comes from constant education, which empowers the team and, in turn, empowers our customers. Each of our employees has the ability to do what they need to support our customers, our products and each other. We believe that making mistakes is invaluable for learning. We also value honesty and integrity. We work with our customers, making sure we are working together as a team when there are  problems to address. Engaging as a team and working toward one goal is vital to the success of our business.

Other values we pride ourselves in cultivating is having a growth mindset and focusing on having an always learning mentality. Our always learning value was emphasized recently with our intern project, which gave us an opportunity to focus on learning and playing with new functionality in a sandbox that benefited the products as a whole. We also embrace curiosity and having fun!

Adapting to market trends and changes is crucial for a business's survival. Can you share an instance where your company demonstrated agility and innovation to stay relevant?

We continue to grow our products, adding data to nView, our query tool that’s necessary for our customers. An example of our agility is ensuring products can support international data, providing a service both in North America and globally. We are always looking ahead to the greater need.

Building a strong team is essential for any successful company. How did you approach team building and talent acquisition to ensure your company had the right people to support its growth and vision?

We first look for a cultural fit. We believe certain people need the right skills for the job but skills can be learned. We want people that embrace our values and are invested in the success of building solutions for our customers. Culture is what it's about here at 10x People. 

Customers play a vital role in a company's success. How has your company maintained a customer-centric approach throughout the years?

We are regularly in contact with our customers, listening to their needs and not just those specific to our products but to their business as well. Sometimes we even refer business to our partners if we don’t have a solution for a customer. This provides more trust and credibility. If we offer that, it’s because we stand behind them as a partner. We have a ‘win-as-one’ strategy with our partners. We are not trying to do everything for everyone but instead focus on working together with other partners to win together while also putting the customer first. 

Business expansion is often part of growth strategies. Can you discuss any expansion initiatives your company undertook during the past decade?

Our first products were LNP focused. Then we focused on number intelligence, which we look at more globally in the marketplace. We soon began focusing more on the customer’s world of numbers. This includes their inventory, their acquisition and assignment of numbers. Increasingly, we have become involved in numbering policy to support our customers in their success. We give that information back to them. We support their interests and keep them informed on what’s going on in the industry. We have become an influencer in the numbering space as opposed to being just a watcher.

Reflecting on the journey, what do you consider a defining moment or turning point?

In our initial start of business, we did a lot of consulting work as we built up our products. The decision to eliminate all consulting work and focus on our products and bringing additional products to the market was a breakthrough turning point for 10x People. 

The business landscape has seen significant technological advancements. How has your company embraced technology and digital transformation?

We were the first local number portability provider to launch completely in the cloud software as a service space, which gave us a huge advantage for scalability and service delivery. It also gave us flexibility to continually introduce new features and make changes that our customers request. We continue to look for additional tools that will enhance our product offerings. For instance, we are leveraging AI into our products and services to enhance customer value and provide additional efficiencies.

As a leader, what leadership philosophies or practices do you believe have been instrumental in fostering a cohesive and motivated team?

Being empowered is huge. Making sure we are having fun at work is also just as important. That cultural fit is super important here at 10x People. We are slow to hire and quick to fire. We have a strong focus on family and putting our families first. 

Looking ahead, what are your aspirations for the company's future? 

Looking forward, the world continues to be a smaller place with the growth of technology. We can continue to reach more people. Communications are still very relevant to our life today. You can speak to someone around the world instantly. So the telecoms industry will continue to be the key to the future. We will continue to work with service provider customers as they expand globally and as they expand technologically. As tech grows, we continue to see that telephone numbers are still the way that we reach others moving forward. Another identifier has yet to be identified. When and if it is, we will be there, leading the way with our customers.

Finally, when you reflect on your company's 10-year journey, what makes you most proud? 

I think what makes me proud is that we have absolutely no customer turnover. Our customers are loyal to us, they love our solutions, they love to work with us and we love working for them. That’s a direct result of the 10x People team and our company values working for our clients.

Celebrating 10 Years with an Unexpected Gift: 10x People Wins Colorado Companies to Watch 2023

10x people colorado companies to watch winner

Big news from the land of software product solutions in Littleton, Colorado! We’re proud to announce we have been selected as a winner of the prestigious Colorado Companies to Watch 2023. As we celebrate our 10th birthday this year, it feels like the ultimate gift. So, it's time to pop the confetti cannons as we outline why we are so proud of this particular award at a time when we are also celebrating a decade as the Local Number Portability (LNP) software and service gurus of Colorado.

Working to Drive Colorado's Economic Growth

Colorado Companies to Watch is no ordinary accolade. It recognizes dynamic companies that play a vital role in fueling Colorado's economic growth. To earn this honor, companies must be nominated by their peers and are judged based on their employment and revenue growth, business successes, and unique strengths. Having begun our journey in 1996 as a consultancy before officially forming under the 10x People name in 2013, we feel fortunate to continue to grow and help drive economic growth right here in Littleton. 

Innovating for a Decade

We’ve heard some people dread their birthdays, but not us. The fact that we’ve been rocking the telephone number management SaaS scene for an entire decade gives us cause for celebration. So cue the music because Penelope the Porting Panda (our unofficial mascot to the right) is breaking out the celebratory dance moves! We owe our tenure to our listen-first, agile, and automation-focused methodology, which has helped us revolutionize the telecommunications industry through our innovative SaaS platform of solutions designed specifically for Telecom Carriers and Service Providers. Our commitment to simplifying our customers’ lives, providing exceptional customer support, and our dedication to continuous improvement has made 10x People a leading player in the telecom industry and the go-to vendor for companies like Zoom, Lumen, Dish, T-Mobile, and many others.

Why Littleton, Colorado is Our Perfect Home

Based in the lovely city of Littleton, Colorado, 10x People has found the ideal environment for our company to thrive and grow. From the very beginning and for a variety of reasons, we made a conscious choice to base our company here. Why? It’s a community where work and play tango harmoniously thanks to a range of outdoor activities and cultural attractions that give our employees and their families an excellent quality of life.

But wait, there's more! Littleton isn't just a scenic wonderland; it's also close to Denver, DTC, and Boulder, providing easy access to thriving business communities and a highly skilled talent pool. Plus, it's a hop, skip, and a jump away from Denver International Airport, ensuring smooth flights to our nationwide customers and partners. The icing on the 10-year-old birthday cake? Littleton and Colorado boast a growing tech sector, allowing 10x People to network and collaborate with other tech-savvy superheroes in our industry.

Pivotal Moments and Unwavering Commitment

Accolades like this CCTW recognition give us good reason to reflect on the path that brought us to where we are today. 10x People has weathered storms (anybody remember 2020?) and emerged stronger than ever. From retaining our Intellectual Property in 2013 to transitioning into a product-focused powerhouse in 2016, we’ve shown that adaptability and innovation are in our DNA. Even the global pandemic couldn't dampen our spirit. Instead of retreating, we stayed true to our core values and continued delivering exceptional products to our customers while keeping true to our promise to not cut a single employee. These pivotal moments have helped us evolve into the company we are today, and we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in telephone number management SaaS solutions.

Innovation: The Key to Our Success

Innovation is the beating heart of 10x People. We are all about creating new ideas, products, and services that solve real-world issues in a better, more straightforward way. We stay ahead of the curve by fostering a culture of creativity and critical thinking. We listen to our customers and continuously improve our solutions, pushing the boundaries of what's expected from a SaaS provider.

Workplace Culture and Making a Difference

We’ve built a positive and supportive workplace that values work-life balance and personal growth. Employees are encouraged to take ownership, share ideas, and contribute to our company's success. And let's not forget the commitment of 10x People employees to give back! They support local and national initiatives, volunteer, organize fundraisers, and empower the next generation of innovators right here in Littleton with our encouragement and support.

Driving Forward with Growth and Customer Focus

As we march boldly into the future with this award win and a decade of prosperity under our belt, 10x People has its sights set on future growth both here at home and in other markets, including Canada. Expanding our product offering, including international number capabilities, is one of our key strategies. We listen intently to our customers and work closely with them to develop solutions addressing their challenges. By understanding our customers' needs and staying ahead of the competition, 10x People is confident in our ability to continue growing and thriving.

Connect with 10x People Today

With our innovative solutions, commitment to customer success, and vibrant company culture, 10x People is set to conquer new frontiers and revolutionize the way businesses manage their telecom operations. We will continue to make Colorado proud and can't wait to see what’s next.

Are you interested in learning more about 10x People? Connect with us today at, and let us know how we can help your business thrive!

Celebrating Women's History Month as a Female CEO

Illustration of women's faces with text that read Women's History Month

As the Founder and CEO of 10x People, I'm deeply aware of the importance of Women’s History Month.

President Jimmy Carter first established Women’s History Month in February 1980. He declared the week of March 8th National Women’s History Week to “acknowledge the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society.” This week quickly became a month's celebration when Congress passed Public Law 97-28, officially declaring March as Women's History Month in 1987. Today, we recognize this whole month as an opportunity for all people—not just women—to recognize and appreciate women's impact on our world throughout history.

From the beginning of my career, I have had many great women mentor and help me advance. These mentors struggled to advance in telecommunications when they started in the 1960s and 1970s. I will never forget one of my mentors telling me that when she was newly promoted to management, she was told by her new peers that by taking a man’s job, she was “taking food out of people's mouths.”  Another mentor continually received cat calls working as a telecom “frame dame” when she bent over to adjust jumpers on the mainframe. Through perseverance and hard work, these women ultimately became senior executives at large telecommunications companies. They taught me the same perseverance and reliance on my skills to rise in my career, supporting me along my journey.

When I started my first business, I had just had my son a month earlier.  In 1996, it was not common for women in technology with infants to have the flexible work schedules with remote work opportunities we appreciate today.  Back then, we had two options: You either had to work in the office part-time for 20 hours or full-time for 40 hours during a 9 to 5 work day. So what did I do after starting my business?  I hired three other women with infants to work with me. These women and the men ultimately hired to work with us were highly productive when they could work and had the flexibility to leave it behind to care for their families. My first company had thirteen new babies in the first three years. We were highly profitable and had excellent job satisfaction. Some of these women still work with me today. I have always had a policy of family first! For women with families to be successful in the workforce, flexibility is key.

As a female business leader, I’m passionate about using my platform to empower other women. This means celebrating those who have come before us while also recognizing those making history right now. At 10x People, we actively seek opportunities to support and encourage young women considering STEM careers, women returning to the workforce, and female entrepreneurs by providing mentorship opportunities and promoting their businesses whenever possible. We also prioritize hiring practices that are focused on equal representation across gender lines, both within our team itself and among our partners.

We believe it is essential for all leaders to recognize these accomplishments and show support for other female leaders working towards creating positive change in their communities. By supporting each other through recognition and initiatives such as these, we can ensure that more young girls feel inspired by the stories of powerful women throughout history—and realize their own potential for greatness too!

Women’s History Month is an important time for all of us to take stock of how far we have come regarding gender equality since its inception over 40 years ago. It also serves as a reminder of what has been achieved so far while also reminding us there is still so much work left undone before true gender parity can be realized worldwide.

Porting - Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Porting has evolved in the last 25+ years.  10x People has watched early assumptions prove limiting and new use cases arise that were not considered at its inception.  Number portability has come a long way from the “I want to change my carrier but keep my number” days. Take a trip with us down memory lane with a look to the future. 

In the Beginning, there was Wireline

The FCC mandated Number Portability in the Telecommunications Act of 1996.  Its purpose was to enable competition in the marketplace and the rise of the CLECs. An NPAC system was implemented in the seven Regional Bell Operating Company (RBOC) regions.  One for Pacific Bell, Ameritech, Southwestern Bell, Bellsouth, US West, Bell Atlantic, and Nynex.  The initial porting volumes were based on the assumption that most of the porting volume would be business customers porting their number ranges, with only 20% being single TN ports.  A rate of 2-TNs per second was calculated to support this volume.  Unexpectedly, single ports quickly became popular as cable companies entered the market, offering consumers the “triple play” of TV, internet, and local home phone service.  This completely upset the range ports assumption. 

Enter the Wireless Carriers

In 2002 the FCC required wireless players to support number portability.  The wireless carriers worked to put a process in place to begin porting in 2003. The number of single ports accelerated as cell phones became a part of everyday life.  Carriers fought for customers by evolving their mobile service plans, including changes from per-minute charges, to tiered buckets of minutes, to unlimited talk time.  Likewise, texting experienced similar pricing patterns (we all remember those news stories of parents seeing $1000+ cell phone bills because their teenagers were racking up charges at 10 cents per text message).

As wireless usage grew more ubiquitous, Intermodal porting, that is, porting between wireless and wireline carriers, became popular as customers began cutting the home phone cord and taking their home phone numbers mobile.  Some consumers wished to keep their home phone, and the cable companies partnered with the wireless carriers to offer the “quad-play” (home phone over coax, TV, internet, and wireless from their wireless partner).  With the increase of the triple play and quad play, the cable companies pushed for a shorter porting interval, and in 2011 the industry adopted the “one-day simple port,” thereby allowing consumers to experience shorter timelines to transition to their TV displaying caller ID information as they were watching the news or a TV show.

Home phone usage, whether traditional copper, coax, or fiber to the home, has continued to decrease year over year as family members, both young and old, have now moved to a mobile device, especially with the introduction of the smartphone.

Network Management via Porting

Porting volumes began to rise as porting was used to perform network grooming/load balancing/routing unrelated to consumers.  Providers could change calling name (CNAM) providers, update new optional fields related to a number, and groom their networks by sending traffic to different LRNs for different switches. 

When consolidations started, porting numbers from disparate networks onto the same network increased volumes.  All four major nationwide wireless providers had acquisitions that resulted in large porting events.  

Want to use my Network?  

In walked the wholesalers who provide networks to other service providers or large business customers.  Not only were large customers moving between carriers, but virtual network providers began buying telephone numbers they could assign. 

DDoS Attack Recovery

With the introduction of cloud-based communications, service providers began using VoIP technology to offer service.  The ability to establish a telephony network quickly gave rise to this new type of provider.  However, like many other things operating over the internet, vulnerabilities were exposed.  Fortunately, VoIP providers under DDoS attacks or having network issues could use porting to change routing.  In our current ecosystem with legacy providers, there is no way to move traffic to respond to this type of event quickly.  LERG changes are distributed at most daily.  Some providers only update their LERG every week, month or quarter. 

What’s next?

The industry has just completed an increased load activity in production (11-TNs per second), the first increase activity in over 10 years, and volume and speed are expected to rise.  This might seem slow in today’s real-time world, but many legacy networks still can’t deal with provisioning at that rate.  Looking forward, porting will continue to evolve to meet industry needs.  VoIP networks will replace legacy networks.  New use cases, such as bifurcation data from voice, will leverage available systems/resources.  There is no end to creativity in the marketplace.  

Have no doubt 10x People will continue to advocate for you, partner with you, and evolve our products to meet your needs!

History info:

  • The NPAC supports emerging technologies and is the only number portability system that supports multiple communications technologies in a single repository.
    • 1998—wireline number porting begins
    • 1999—wireline number pooling introduced
    • 2000—intra-carrier pooling for network maintenance began
    • 2002—wireless number pooling implemented; began supporting customer technology migrations
    • 2003—wireless, intermodal (between wireline and wireless), and wireless inter-carrier porting begins
    • 2007—interconnected VoIP porting begins
    • 2010—IP fields implemented
    • 2011—one-day simple port porting required for small carriers

Investing in Employee Growth

At 10x People, we value the growth of our employees and strive to partner with them and invest together for their future success. It is important for us that we build a strong culture, with a qualified team that loves our company, their job responsibilities and the customers and industry we serve. In almost a decade, we have invested heavily in employee growth and over this year, we have made more of an impact. 

10x People is committed to investing in the future. We understand the importance of building future leaders in telecommunications and technology. We strive to empower their success. We believe by working together we as a community can win as one. Here a few of our success stories:


Starting her Sophomore year at the University of Kentucky. She will continue working part-time with 10x People as her schedule permits. We expect great things from Tiffany in the future. “My 10x People internship has expanded my knowledge of the telecommunication industry, and computer science.  I have worked on a variety of projects and gained experience working with my mentor Talon Marquard who has been patient, willing, and eager to help me learn. Working at 10x People has been a wonderful experience!”  Fun Fact: She is the organization queen.  In addition to her planners and todo lists she has 4 large white boards on her walls and two smaller hand held ones. 


Carter is a strong team player on our number management team. We are so excited he joined 10x People after graduation from the University of Kentucky College of Engineer with a BS in Computer Science. He and our CEO, Lisa Marie both bleed Kentucky blue!  He hit the ground running to help supercharge our product development to bring OWL to the market. Carter started with our organization as an intern and we were such a perfect match, he has moved into a full time role.  For exercise, Carter takes his golden retriever puppy, Captain, on runs outside, and is just waiting for when Captain can out-run him.


Returned to the workforce on a “returnship” with us after a very successful job as a parent-in-charge of three children.  It didn’t take us long to know that she was a perfect permanent hire for our team! She has been a key player in working with our customers and the development team to make OWL, our SaaS number ordering system, a reality. Sarah keeps work life balance skiing, hiking, biking and playing tennis.  Her twins are off to college this year but will be busy with her eighth grader.


Sydney is a Data Analyst in Fraud Prevention with a 10x People partner. Sydney graduated from Colgate University with a BA in Mathmatics.  Her time at 10x People gave her the computer basics she needed to support her work in Data Analytics.  Now that Sydney no longer plays college soccer she can mix skiing and running to keep a good work life balance. 

Thankful for Growth and Investment 

We appreciate all of the hard work each of these individuals has contributed to our team at 10x People and strive to continue bringing in new employees who fit our culture and want to grow. 

We would love to work with you to invest in your future!