Real-Time Data and

Powerful Functionality

xPort is a cloud-based solution that receives real-time LNP port-corrected data broadcasts from all NPAC regions, enabling service providers to leverage the information in many ways. From call routing to billing verification and other processes, the data you need is always at your fingertips.

xPort can be turned up quickly, and the pre-integrated OpenAPI client can be utilized by your OSS/BSSs.  Our SIP Interface allows simple integration into VoIP networks.

Ready to receive LNP Data? Set-up is simple and straightforward.

Used by Many Services

Switch vendors for real-time updates for ported number call routing

Downstream systems that use port-corrected data

Customer commercial products

Our xPort SIP Query Module

Our nView number lookup tool

Our nVentory to update TN inventory affected by porting


Take advantage of cost-effective, accurate, real-time NPAC data. xPort enables local copy download and query-on-demand capability.

Cost Effectiveness

Built for the modern telecom provider and deployed in a highly-scalable and secure cloud environment, xPort allows providers more affordable access to LNP data.


With xPort, you get real-time LNP data for all NPAC regions straight from the source. Canadian LNP data is available for providers who participate in the consortium.


10x People takes care of the infrastructure, NPAC connectivity, certification testing, and maintenance. We also deliver a SIP module and pre-integrated client for rapid integration and customization.


xPort is a download service that provides port-corrected TN information from NPAC.
Any telecom service provider that has a need to maintain port-corrected TNs, Number Pool Blocks, as well as portable NPA-NXX codes.
xPort is available via an OpenAPI that lets providers easily get started collecting and leveraging LNP data from all NPAC regions. Users can leverage our pre-integrated client or SIP module.
As with all 10x products and services, xPort offers a flat-rate pricing model that allowing users to easily budget port-corrected data charges.
All authorized NPAC users can access xPort for NPAC approved uses.
No, xPort is designed to maintain a current view of the NPAC’s port-corrected data. Historical TN data is available via nView.
Like all connected LSMS systems, xPort links directly to the NPAC and regularly receives port-corrected, real-time data.