Cracking the Code: How a Phone Number Inventory Numbering System Simplifies Your Business

Phone numbers are like pieces of a complex jigsaw puzzle. The challenge? Ensuring that these numbers are tracked, monitored, and organized efficiently to meet your business needs and regulatory compliance. Mismanaged phone numbers and missed regulatory requirements can lead to frustrated customers, regulatory issues and chaos in your communications not to mention loss of revenue or worse. Without a reliable inventory numbering system in place, it can be as confusing as solving a Rubik's Cube in the dark.

Let's dive into the intricate world of phone number management and see how phone number inventory numbering system solutions eliminate your phone number assignment, tracking and reporting headaches. 

The Phone Number Puzzle

Phone numbers are a critical piece of the communications puzzle. Those numbers are often managed in a spreadsheet or in outdated inventory systems that end up causing more confusion than clarification. Add in the phone numbers you must keep track of that are ported in or disconnected, and the reporting can get out of hand quickly. It's like having a shelf full of books and you need to find the right one quickly, without the chaos of a disorganized library. This is where the proper phone number inventory numbering system steps in as your librarian, offering a systematic approach to manage, monitor and report on your telephone number inventory.

Tracking and Streamlining the Numbering Trail

Think of a phone number inventory numbering system as your GPS for managing your telephone numbers. It provides a clear roadmap for tracking the usage and status of each number. Additionally, your company can assign numbers available in real-time to best align with different buckets of businesses, such as product/service types, market, OCN or rate center.

A successful number inventory management system provides interfacing with internal billing systems or back office systems solving headaches of compliance, reporting, security and auditing that can be manual, laborious processes when managed incorrectly. 

10x People’s nVentory solution allows you to track, monitor and report on your telephone number inventory. Even better? nVentory simultaneously takes care of your business needs and industry reporting requirements. It’s peace of mind reporting combined with maximizing your resources while preventing revenue loss. 

Accurate Reporting with a Custom Dashboard

When it comes to phone numbers, reporting is your trusty compass. An inventory numbering system generates detailed reports, giving you insights into your phone number inventory. You can number utilization and states to make data driven decisions.  

10x People nVentory Resource Dashboards works to provide you accurate and timely resource utilization while providing you with the latest forecasting. nVentory’s additional peace of mind streamlined features include: 

  • Inventory management for maintaining and grouping your numbers. 
  • The ability to view and manage your inventory. 
  • Assigning in real-time available inventory. 
  • An LNP gateway and integration with xPort Local Service Management System and nPort SOA to simplify inventory updates.
  • Number Administration functionality for number utilization across businesses. 
  • Simplified industry reporting.
  • Auditing that prevents unbilled usage and over-billing for numbers.
  • A future-ready system designed to support the full lifecycle of number management while providing API access.

Seamless Automation with an Ordering Wizard: OWL

When 10x People’s nVentory solution is used in conjunction with OWL, our Ordering Wizard and Logistics for Numbering Resource Acquisition and Management solution, you can seamlessly automate your TN ordering. OWL takes your phone number inventory numbering system to the next level by showing you where you need to order more numbers and providing automation to efficiently complete that process.  

In short, the power of OWL and nVentory together simplifies the ordering of phone numbers so you have the numbers your business needs at all times. 

A Frustration-Free Customer Experience

Managing phone numbers without a reliable system can be a maze of confusion. But with a phone number inventory numbering system like nVentory, you can navigate the phone number puzzle effortlessly. It simplifies tracking, allocation and reporting.

The synergistic qualities of nVentory and OWL together work to provide you with: 

  • Order management of full lifecycle of TNs
  • Workflow automation
  • Industry reporting
  • NAS/PAS and BIRRDS integration
  • Analytics
  • Order and rate center dashboards
  • Notifications and alarms
  • GUI, API and Batch File Processing

Try the 10x People nVentory Numbering System Today

Need to order large blocks of numbers for large enterprise customers? No problem. The 10x People nVentory system makes it easy. Say goodbye to the confusion and hello to a simplified, streamlined and more efficient way of managing your telephone number inventory with 10x People, the trusted experts in providing numbering software and solutions for our industry since 1996. Our nVentory solution also meets your carrier needs with customized solutions such as custom fields while meeting critical requirements to meet inventory needs no matter the tight turnaround needs. 

Contact 10x People today to learn more about how our numbering solutions support your business growth and simplify your operations. We provide integrated solutions that allow you to concentrate on other aspects of your business without getting a numbering headache!