10x People are pioneers and leaders in local number portability.

10x People invented LNP. Well, not exactly, but we have been active on the LNP scene since day one. In fact, we wrote the original LNP messaging interface specification. We played a key role in developing and testing the industry’s first commercial SOA and LSMS. Since those early-mid-90s days,  we’ve developed a number of custom software solutions, as well as software products/services. Today, we are widely recognized in the telecom industry as numbering and inventory management experts.

The 10x Ethos

10x People strives to provide innovative software products and services that drastically improve our customer's business.

Our Values

  • Empowerment — our teams/your business
  • Transparency
  • A culture of respect
  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Healthy work/life balance

Our People

  • Uniquely suited to their roles
  • Continuously improving
  • Courageous
  • Focused on lean implementation
  • Committed to collaboration
  • Dedicated to your success

Our Process

  • Agile and lean
  • Continuous software integration and deployment
  • Testing early and often
  • Quick feedback
  • Tailor-made design and execution

What it is like to
work with us

  • Planning is important, adjusting to change is more important.
  • Every project is unique. Our team + process = success.
  • If it doesn’t add value, why do it?
  • “Being agile” is more important than “doing agile.”
  • Our teams are committed to honoring our customers’ highest priorities.
  • Beliefs we live by: celebrate, play, relax, smile, laugh, exercise.
  • Simplicity rules! Complexity impedes forward progress.
  • We strive to be “lean” in everything we do.
  • A business value prioritized backlog just makes sense.
professional services

Lisa Marie Maxson


Lisa Marie has led 10x People since its founding in 2013. Her telecommunications experience predates the…

John Nakamura

Vice President of Strategy, Solutions, and Customer Success

John joined 10x People in 2019, is a key member of the…

Scott Travis

Product Manager

Scott oversees the company’s product portfolio including nVentory. He has 20 years…

Scott Kasch

Principal Architect

Scott is responsible for the architecture, development and maintaince the…

Kayla Hahn

Lead Developer

Kayla leads development efforts for the company’s product suite. Her background includes…

Shao Chen

Lead GUI Developer

Shao is the lead graphical user interface (GUI) developer for the company’s products. She is the…

Elizabeth Nguyen

Support Manager

Elizabeth leads our customer support team providing the highest quality of service. With nearly…

Ronnie Ridpath

DevOps Manager

Ronnie ensures that the company’s development and production environments are automated and…

Tami Schlagel

Office Manager

Tami has been at 10x People since its inception in 2013 serving as Office Manager.

John Maxson

Senior Architect

John is focused creation of secure, maintainable and highly redundant software.

Dennon Meiklejohn

Quality Assurance Engineer

Dennon is focused on providing high-quality software through automated test development.

Work with us?

Learn about challenging and rewarding careers with 10x People.

Our Partners

10x People has developed relationships with multiple solution partners.

Together, we can help you implement the best solution to fit your specific telecom needs.



As a leader in telephony innovation, Telo provides advanced caller identification, nuisance detection, and CID verification services through OpenCNAM; An easily deployable solution, making trusted communications simple.


COMsolve, an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) leader, provides innovating solutions to telecom carriers, service providers, vendors, and governmental organizations. Our clients depend on our wealth of experience in designing, installing, testing, and maintaining long term reliability of their assets and products.


Apela Professional Services

APELA Professional Services offers complex telecommunications, consulting, project management, network design & implementations, cost analysis, bill reconciliation, TDM, and VoIP network specialization.  

Trans Nexus


TransNexus is a leader in developing innovative software to manage and protect telecommunications networks. TransNexus has over 20 years of experience providing telecom software for the least-cost routing, billing support, and prevention of telecom fraud and robocalls.

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Our Products and Services

10x People offers purpose-built solutions from people who understand LNP and provide insight and assistance to help your company achieve its telecom goals


Receive port-corrected data real time


Advanced ordering system for local number portability


Number Lookup
Intuitive view of the NPAC numbering data with unlimited users and queries. No overages


Inventory Management
View and manage YOUR world of TNs

Custom Solutions

Software designed, tested, and validated to meet your specific needs

Professional Services

Training in 10x process, 10x culture, and industry best practices