Save Time, Eliminate Errors and Reduce Expenses

Simplified number ordering to meet your business needs!

Meet OWL: Ordering is hard enough; let us remove the headaches and complexity with a leading-edge number ordering solution.

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A Game-Changing Number Ordering Solution

You know how challenging number ordering can be. Now there’s a solution that handles the complexities for you.

OWL automates number ordering and helps save time, eliminate errors, and reduce expenses with features like:

  • Rate Center Status Dashboard
  • Trend Analysis and Forecasting
  • Time to Order Notifications
  • Order Workflow Automation
  • Workflow Status Notifications
  • Order Management Dashboards
  • Document Repository
  • NAS/PAS Integration
  • BIRRDS Integration
  • Automated Part 4
  • nVentory Integration
  • GUI and OpenAPI with Webhooks
  • Cloud-based, AWS Resilience with Geographic System Redundancy

Save time and money, increase efficiency, and enjoy the confidence of having a scalable solution that supports your current business and future growth.

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Work Faster, Smarter, and More Accurately with OWL

Imagine a system for ordering your number resources that eliminates the familiar hassles and headaches. OWL is that solution. No more wondering if your telephone number inventory meets your business needs. With OWL, you know it is.

From trending and analytics to workflow automation, to document repository, to industry system integration and much more… The system is loaded with features and functions to make your job easier, maximize your resources, and prevent revenue loss.

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