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Meet nVentory: your single-source solution for managing your number inventory with speed, agility, compliance, and efficiency.

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Product information

A Game-Changing Number Management Solution

You know how challenging number management can be. Now there’s an inventory management solution that handles the complexities for you.

nVentory automates number management and helps you enhance profitability, reduce errors, and ensure compliance with innovative features like:

  • Cloud-based, hosted, and onsite options
  • Scalable and redundant architecture
  • Easy loading and obtaining of inventory from regulatory agencies
  • Simplified management of industry-defined inventory rules
  • Helpful alarms and notifications to ensure that nothing gets overlooked
  • Ability to group inventory to align with your business practices
  • Accuracy that prevents revenue loss due to incorrect inventory tracking
  • Secure OpenAPI for easy integration and seamless interface with older and new systems
  • OSS/BSS Integration (Port in, Port out, Activation, Disconnects, Modifies of Service Data, Reinstatement)
  • Identification of active subscribers for STIR/SHAKEN

Save time and money, increase efficiency, and enjoy the confidence of having a scalable solution that supports your current business and future growth.

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Work Faster, Smarter, and More Accurately with nVentory

Imagine a system for viewing and managing your numbering world that eliminates the familiar hassles and headaches. nVentory is that solution. No more wondering if your telephone number inventory is accurate. With nVentory, you know it is.

From inventory management, to number assignment, to reporting and auditing, and much more… The system is loaded with features and functions to make your job easier, maximize your resources, and prevent revenue loss.

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