Track, Monitor, and


nVentory allows you to track, monitor, report, and order numbering resources. Our number inventory management service handles TNs and identity management, allowing you to simultaneously meet both your business’s needs and industry reporting requirements.   

Comprehensive Management

nVentory is ready for the future to support wireless 5G, network device identifiers, and certificate management. Manage your telephone number inventory with the functionality you expect while maximizing resources and preventing revenue loss.

Concerned about compatibility? Rest assured we have made nVentory simple and easy to use.

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Additional Product Features

Inventory management

Maintain all inventory, custom groupings, assignment types, thresholds/alarms, and utilization.

View/manage inventory

Data management with modern modifiable views that group inventory for easy evaluation (analysis, management). No more spreadsheets or limited folder/file like views.

Number assignment

Assign in real-time available inventory based on groupings that make sense for your business such as product/service type, market, OCN, or rate center.  

Fraud prevention

Knowing exactly what numbers are active in your network allows you to immediately identify calls from numbers that are not in use. Providing accurate TN status information is key to a trusted STIR/SHAKEN implementation. 

LNP gateway

LNP integration with xPort Local Service Management System (LSMS) and nPort SOA. nPort gives number administrators power. xPort gives nVentory knowledge.

Number Administration

GUI-based Number Administrator functionality provides number utilization across business with roll-ups for code, thousands blocks, and market/rate center in addition to functionality for reporting and code and thousands block ordering requests.

Simplified industry reporting

We handle the NRUF, industry report generation and automated Reassigned Number Database (RND) submission.


Compare inventory to switches, billing, or other OSS systems. Prevent unbilled usage and over-billing for numbers/inventory not in use.


nVentory is a comprehensive number and identity management software which allows users to manage numbering or other identity data.
Any service provider that has a need to manage inventory (telephone numbers or other identity data).
It is available via a full-feature GUI and an easy-to-use OpenAPI.
As with all 10x products and services, nVentory offers a flat-rate pricing model that “smooths out” monthly charges to better manage expenses of maintaining inventory data.
It is available to any service provider or provider of telecom-related services (PTRS) that desires a comprehensive inventory management solution.
nVentory will maintain all of the inventory that you load into the system. If it’s there, we will manage it.
Yes, nVentory modules can be added to support all types of identity information.