Quick, Easy, and


nPort is a cloud-based Local Number Porting (LNP) solution that allows you to port phone numbers quickly, easily, and efficiently.

We have an API that allows simple integration to your systems.

Comprehensive Functionality

The Comprehensive SOA comes replete with a workflow-based interface that has all the functionality you expect and need. The platform provides a robust Bulk Port Management Service (BPMS) that allows you to schedule and manage MUMP jobs — putting you in the driver's seat.

  • Cloud-based service bureau
  • Leverages NPAC XML interface
  • All NPAC features and functionality
  • Fast turnup
  • No flash-cut/rip-and-replace of your existing Service Order Administration (SOA)
  • NPAC region agnostic
  • Porting profiles to simplify data entry

Additional Product Features

Software as a Service

Subscribe to our service bureau and never worry about data center expenses, operations staffing, hardware failures, or third-party software upgrades again.

Unlimited porting

Port as often as you need. Use the GUI or the optional API feature. Never worry about monthly porting transaction pricing overages.

Modern interface

nPort comes with a modern interface. nPort API opens up a world of possibilities for integrating our platform with yours.


nPort is a Service Order Administration (SOA) system that provides all functionality related to porting (port-in, port-out, modify, cancel, conflict, activate, disconnect, audit).
Any telecom service provider that has a need to port/modify/disconnect TNs.
It is available via a full-feature GUI and an easy-to-use modern interface.
As with all 10x products and services, nPort offers a flat-rate pricing model that “smooths out” monthly charges allowing you to better manage expenses.
nPort is available to authorized NPAC users.
Yes, nPort maintains all of your porting data to/from the NPAC.