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Porting Made Quick & Easy

No Overages. Unlimited Users.

A simple, modern portability platform that serves your needs that allows you to port as often as you win new customers with no transactions overages!

nPort as a Service is a cloud-based LNP solution that allows you service providers to port phone numbers quickly, easily, and efficiently.

Unlike the LTI, we don’t charge for each User account.

nPort Features

Modern interface with all the functionality you expect and need.


Cloud-Based Service Bureau

XML Interface




Network Data


Number Pooling Data


Port-In, Port-Out


All NPAC Optional Data


Delegation Feature

The Comprehensive SOA You Need

Software as a Service

Subscribe to our service bureau and never worry about data center expenses, operations staffing, hardware failures, third-party software upgrades, and the like.

Unlimited Porting

Port as often as you need. Use the GUI or the optional API feature. Never worry about end-of-the-month porting and exceeding porting pricing overages.

Modern Interface

nPort comes with a RESTful API integration. nPortAPI opens up a world of possibilities for integrating our platform with yours.


nPort Service Bureau is fully certified and operational in both the US NPAC and the Canadian NPAC.

Why nPort Should Be at the Center of Your Numbering World

Flat Rate

Unlimited Users

Built for the Future


New Ideas? Let Us Know!


Everything you need to know about nPort.

What is nPort Service?

nPort is a modern cloud-based SOA operating in a Service Bureau arrangement.

What is the cost of nPort Service?

nPort Service Bureau uses a flat-rate based pricing model. Rate is dependent on projected volumes and needs.

Who would want to use nPort Service?

Any service provider that desires a Service Bureau arrangement in a hosted environment where we take care of the detail.

How do you access nPort Service?

The nPort Service can be accessed via a browser-based GUI, or via the API feature.

Does nPort Service work in both the US and Canada?

Yes, even though there are different NPAC Administrators and different NPAC systems, nPort is certified and works with both NPACs.

How do I sign up for nPort as a Service?

Click on this link, fill out your information, and one of our sales/account management personnel will contact you!

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