#View Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is #View?

#View is a comprehensive service which allows users to view vital numbering data, such as telephone numbers, blocks, NPA-NXX, ownership, market and routing data.

2. How do I access #View?

#View is available via an easy to use GUI or a RESTful API.

3. What is the fee to use #View?

#View standard service is available as a free service to authorized NPAC users.  Premium services unlocking additional features will be available.

4. What are the #View Standard services?

#View Standard service allows users to:

  • Perform TN Search (max 1,000 per search)
  • Search Pooled Block (NPA-NXX-X)
  • Search Code (NPA-NXX)
  • View TN Ownership History and Block and Code holder assignment information

5. What are the #View Premium services?

#View premium services are:

  • Enhanced Reporting including LRN usage reporting
  • Enterprise Search
  • API Integration to your backend systems
  • Integrate Toll-Free numbers via Somos RouteLink
  • Contact us for more information

6. Who can access #View?

#View is available to authorized NPAC users.  

7. Does #View have historical data?

Yes - #View will have TN porting history. In addition we will have the Block and Code assignment data displayed in history.

8. Who would want to use #View?

#View is a tool used to help LNP managers, Number Administrators, Service Delivery, Billing, Troubleshooting, and current users of the legacy NPAC providers tools (Port PS) view telephone number (TN) related data, such as such as telephone numbers, blocks, and NPA-NXX information.

9. Will #View work with current NPAC administrator and the new NPAC administrator?


10. How often is #View data updated?

#View receives real time updates from the NPAC and monthly updates of Industry Routing Data.